2017 Workshops, Events and Guest Teachers



 Sunday, May 7, 2-4: Spring Detox with Sara Azarius

This workshop will inspire those who are not sure how to proceed with a spring dietary cleanse. The lecture will be followed by Q&A time. Lecture will introduce daily practices to aid with detoxing heavy metals, radiation and pesticides from your system and the supreme importance of purification for your yoga practice success. Multiple Spring cleanse protocols will be presented with beginner, intermediate and advanced options.


 Sunday, May 21, 2-4: Align the Spine with Christina Sible

Join us as we embark on the second installment of the Align the Spine series workshop series. We will continue exploring poses that align and integrate the cervical (neck) and thoracic (upper and middle back) spines to create pain relief and reduction in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. All levels and beginners welcome!


Sunday, May 28, 2-4: Supported Inversion Workshop with Maureen Martin

Want to go upside down but aren’t quite sure where to start? This workshop will cover several key inversions  .   modified to give you support and comfort, while still receiving the benefits of being upside down. Come and see the world from a different perspective!


 Sunday, June 4, 2-4: “I Sit Too Much!” Yoga with Diane Lassman

If you have a desk job, you probably sit too much and sitting too much can be hazardous to your health! Join us as we explore how often we need to move and what postures, both standing and seated, we can do to counteract these serious health concerns. We will touch upon research by a former NASA Director of Life Sciences whose work looks at the connection between the health dangers of weightlessness in space and the chronic diseases caused by sedentary lifestyles here on earth.


 Sunday, June 11, 2-4: Align the Spine with Christina Sible

In this third installment of Align the Spine, we will be exploring a family of postures called sarvangasanas, which create length and freedom in the neck and upper back. We will also be focusing on poses to lengthen and extend the armpit/triceps and flank/sidechest to create lift and support through the spinal column. All levels and beginners welcome!


 Sunday, June 25, 2-4: Developing Your Intuition using a Pendulum with Sara Azarius

This workshop will introduce how to use a pendulum for divining and for developing your connection to Self and the non-physical. Bring a pendulum if you have one…if not, you may use one of Sara’s. She will also have some available for purchase at the workshop (for cash – $15 to $30 not included in the workshop fee.) This workshop will be super fun!



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Special prices for Guest Teacher workshops as listed

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There’s More To Look Forward To!

Inversions Series with Margie Minkler
Sundays, July 23, August 20 and September 17, 2-4pm

Summer Align the Spine Series with Christina Sible
Sundays, July 16, August 6 and September 3, 2-4pm

Yoga for Arthritis with Nadzeya Krol
Sunday, September 10, 2-4pm

Yoga for Artists & Craftspeople with Paul Hajdukiewicz
Fridays, September 8 & 15, 2-4pm

Yoga for Depression with Nadzeya Krol
Sunday, September 24, 2-4pm

Yoga for Vertigo with Sara Azarius
Sunday October 1, 2-4pm

Autumn Align the Spine Series with Christina Sible
Sundays, October 15, November 12 and December 3, 2-4pm

Guest Teacher Workshop with Senior Iyengar Instructor Manouso Manos
November 3-5  (Class times TBA)

I’m Thankful For My Partner Yoga with Diane Lassman
Sunday, November 19, 2-4pm

Yoga for Diabetes with Sara Azarius
Sunday, November 26, 2-4pm

Holiday Yoga to Relax & Rejuvenate with Maureen Martin
Sunday, December 17, 2-4pm

The True Meaning of Christmas with Sara Azarius
Sunday, December 23, 4-6pm