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Courtney Sage

Courtney Sage is a myomassologist and licensed massage therapist. She completed her education in massage therapy at Irene’s Institute for Myomassology in Southfield, Michigan. Her concentration involves relaxation massage, deep tissue work, and hot stone massage. Being a myomassologist, she integrates many different modalities, such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, aromatherapy, and reiki, which she practiced during Irene’s intensive and diverse program.

Courtney has a holistic approach towards massage therapy.  She truly believes the body and mind must work together and be nurtured for continued health and happiness. To compliment her massage practice, Courtney also studied coaching with Jeannine Yoder through Mentor Masterclass and now also offers holistic lifestyle coaching.


For more information on massage therapy, coaching, or to book an appointment with Courtney visit her website at

To schedule with Courtney call her at 412-889-2976 or email her at


All currently registered yoga students receive 10% off any massage.

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