Yoga Therapy & Rehabilitation

YOC theraputic contraption

This is your path if you have some health concerns or issues that might preclude you from participating in a regular class. Yoga On Centre is the right place for you if you are at all nervous about starting yoga.

We are able to support and guide students with almost all health concerns and will let you know if for some reason it is not appropriate for you to start yoga at this time. In that rare instance we will make recommendations regarding how to prepare yourself and when you may get started.

Your Basic Classes Include:

  • The Yoga Therapy Class (currently on Tuesdays and Saturdays)
  • Breathing Techniques (pranayama) and Deep Rest
  • Supported Asana Classes
  • Private Session Evaluation

Your Special Conditions may lead you to one of the following:

  • Low Back & Spine Class
  • Short Course
  • Pranayama Class
  • Specialty Workshops


The Iyengar method requires rigorous training of its teachers. This prepares all Iyengar teachers to modify yoga postures to a variety of health conditions and physical abilities/disabilities. Teachers of therapeutics continue to develop these abilities beyond basic modifications.

Sara Azarius has always been therapeutically oriented as a result of dealing with her own structural and health challenges. With 20 years of teaching experience and continued study, she has developed her skills in the therapeutic applications of yoga. She continues her studies with senior Iyengar teachers and is under the supervision of Lois Steinberg, one of the most experienced and sought after teachers of Iyengar therapeutics in the Unites States and abroad.


“I suffered a spinal cord injury in 2011. I have been coming to Yoga on Centre for the past year to improve my condition and well being.  Sara created an individualized plan specific to my needs. Over the course of the year, I have received a lot of one-on-one attantion during the group therapy classes which have helped me to perform each of the exercises properly.  From my experience thus far, I have gained more strength and flexibility in my arms and legs and I have learned to be mindful of my body and to have patience with myself” -Paul T., West Mifflin